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Seolyzer: a powerful and customizable crawler.

Our crawler benefits from the latest innovations in terms of site exploration and information retrieval. Thanks to a scalable infrastructure, we have the ability to crawl several million pages and return them to you in a simple and intuitive interface.

Included in our crawler


To know the number of indexable pages or not.

HTTP Codes

To identify pages in 2xx, 3xx, 4xx and 5xx.

Title & Meta

To optimize targeting and SERP CTR.


To understand its internal linking.


To visually discover the mesh and pagerank.

Response time

To measure the TTFB of site pages.

Orphan pages

To identify pages not linked to the site.


To verify URLs sent to engines.

Internal Pagerank

To decide where to direct popularity.

Custom Scrapper

To retrieve useful information.

Number of words/page

To identify pages with weak content.

Unlimited exports

To work with your .csv and .xls data

A fast crawler suitable for all website sizes

In one click, start a crawl up to 50 million URLs at a speed of 1000 URLs per second and quickly obtain all the data necessary to implement your SEO actions.

Secure your SEO traffic by monitoring your crawls

Via a fast and easy-to-use interface, you can follow the evolution of your SEO KPIs by comparing several crawls without calculation time. With Seolyzer, you will have a perfect knowledge of the main indicators of your website related to indexability, content quality, duplication, performance and popularity.

Plan and configure your crawl the way you want

With Seolyzer, you can easily configure your crawls on the essential points: crawl speed and depth, sub-domain, etc.; but also on advanced parameters: sites in development, virtual robots.txt test, DNS modification… and many others.

Crawl your JavaScript site with ease

In the case of a website developed in Javascript (Angular, React, etc.), Googlebot and crawlers do not correctly display the content and links of your HTML pages. The pre-rendering solution designed by Seolyzer ensures that you crawl your entire JS site, as Google recommends.

Other features

Available in all Seolyzer offers.


Crawl Comparison

Use crawl history to compare different versions of your site, then identify errors or regressions following changes or migrations.


Log analysis

Connect your logs in real time and visualize Googlebot's journey to optimize your crawl budget.


Cross analysis

Begin the fusion of your crawls, logs and Google Search Console data to identify inconsistencies in the analyses.



Send your requests to our API and get all the Seolyzer data directly in your internal dashboards and your own tools.

Customer testimonials

"The Seolyzer API allows us to easily retrieve our entire internal linking, i.e. millions of links, in order to optimize it thanks to our Data Scientists."
Pierre BRUAT - Head of SEO, Manomano
"Tracking errors to be corrected, monitoring the number of sites, and monitoring everything thanks to scheduled crawls, crossed with log analysis: Seolyzer has really helped to facilitate my worldwide SEO task at Club Med. It's a great tool with a reactive and available team, perfectly adapted to all my needs."
Pierre CALVET - Head of SEO, Club Med
"Say goodbye to the usual challenges to access and monitor how Google crawls your site! Seolyzer easily integrates and allows you to visualize and analyze your sites logs activity for SEO purposes, in real time."
Aleyda SOLIS - International SEO Consultant, Speaker & Author

Unlimited users and shares

Your collaborators and clients can access your analyzes and data according to the privileges you grant them: administrator, contributor or reader.

Export your SEO data with no limit

The Seolyzer crawler gives you the possibility to export all of your data without limits, in standard CSV or Excel formats.

Visualize structural optimizations in space

Our in-space visualization tool helps you identify structure and popularity issues at a glance: infinite pagination, unmastered facets, popularity confiscation (mega-menu or footer) and much more .

Categorize the types of pages on your website

Beyond a hundred pages, it is complex to analyze your web pages one by one: a relevant analysis requires the categorization of your pages. Seolyzer assures you to segment the pages of your website without limits thanks to its real-time, retroactive and hierarchical categorization system (sub-categories).


Google, among others, browses all the sites that make up the Internet using crawlers (also called bots in English): we then speak of crawlers. Bots constantly discover new websites via links in the content they browse. Un crawler simule le comportement des robots de Google en visitant les pages de votre site ou celui de vos concurrents.  

Seolyzer is a crawler that simulates the crawl of a robot on a website and provides you with a wealth of data on indexability, content quality, performance and popularity. The goal is of course to optimize your pages and content for better SEO on the Internet.

This is the number of clicks needed to access a page from the home page and through the site tree. It is common to say in SEO that a page should be no more than three or four clicks away from the home page.

The pre-rendering solution designed by Seolyzer allows you to crawl your entire JS site.

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