Integrate your SEO data into your applications.

Connect your tools to our REST API to retrieve all of your SEO data, simply.

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A simple and fast API!

Enrich your dashboards with data from crawls, logs, Google Search Console and data calculated by Seolyzer in order to develop your marketing strategy and your business!

Using the Seolyzer API means deploying raw and aggregated SEO data in your favorite applications, simply and without data limits.

Included in our API

Raw data

To work with data differently.

Aggregated data

Pour récupérer les données calculées par Seolyzer.

BigQuery & Power BI compatible

To analyze large datasets.

API First

All data is retrievable by the API.

Crawl data

To retrieve crawling data from Seolyzer.

Log data

To retrieve crawling data from Googlebot.

Cross analysis data

To retrieve strategic SEO data

Search Console & CrUX Data

To get complete Google data, easily.

An exhaustive API with lots of possibilities

In a few lines of code, connect your application to our API, in order to unlock the full power of Seolyzer. Collect raw and aggregated data and calculate your own.

An "API First" that meets your expectations

Our API answers to all your data needs by offering raw, aggregated data in JSON format.

An unlimited number of API calls and lines

The Seolyzer API has no limitations on the number of calls or the number of rows fetched.

And still at Seolyzer...

A particular attention to the needs of our customers, associated with new innovations and in phase with the evolution of the SEO Job.

Categorize your data with our advanced url selector and harness the power of multi-level, retroactive and real-time analysis.

Share your project data with your teams and/or service providers without limiting the number of users and without paying extra.

No more bugs and graphics that load slowly. Seolyzer takes care of offering instant data. Our infrastructure is designed to scale with demand. Charts appear immediately and your productivity is not impacted.

A support composed of senior SEOs only, who answer all your questions. Whether it concerns installation, configuration, data analysis, or your specific needs: support is always at your service.

Customer testimonials

"The Seolyzer API allows us to easily retrieve our entire internal link, i.e. billions of links, in order to optimize it thanks to our Data Scientists."
Pierre BRUAT - Head of SEO, Manomano
"Tracking errors to be corrected, monitoring the pool of sites, and monitoring everything through scheduled crawls, crossed with log analysis: SEOlyzer has really helped facilitate my SEO worldwide task at Club Med. It's a great tool with a responsive and available team, perfectly suited to all my needs."
Pierre CALVET - Head of SEO, Club Med
"Say goodbye to the usual challenges to access and monitor how Google crawls your site! Seolyzer easily integrates and allows you to visualize and analyze your sites logs activity for SEO purposes, in real time."
Aleyda SOLIS - International SEO Consultant, Speaker & Author


Our API is a classic REST API that allows you to retrieve data. With your favorite programming language (Curl, Php, Python, etc.), you use routes to converse with Seolyzer. We give you access to raw data and aggregated/calculated data from Seolyzer for your convenience. Only an access token is needed to get started with the API, contact us to get it! 

No limit is applied to the API (number of calls and number of lines) in the context of fair use.

Online documentation is available here 

In order to save you time, we advise you to click directly on the API icon of each graph, which will easily provide you with the correct API call in one click.

All programming languages ​​can work with Seolyzer API. We use the universal JSON data format for API returns.

Other features

Available in all Seolyzer offers.


Crawl Comparison

Use crawl history to compare different versions of your site, then identify errors or regressions following changes or migrations.


Log analysis

Connect your logs in real time and visualize Googlebot's journey to optimize your crawl budget.


Cross analysis

Begin the fusion of your crawls, logs and Google Search Console data to identify inconsistencies in the analyses.


SEO Crawler

Launch one or more crawls, punctually or on a recurring basis, and collect the information that highlights your problems.

Connect your app to Seolyzer!

Contact us to activate our API on your account. We’ll give you your API access to get started.