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"The Seolyzer API allows us to easily retrieve our entire internal linking, i.e. millions of links, in order to optimize it thanks to our Data Scientists."
Pierre BRUAT - Head of SEO, Manomano
"Tracking errors to be corrected, monitoring the number of sites, and monitoring everything thanks to scheduled crawls, crossed with log analysis: Seolyzer has really helped to facilitate my worldwide SEO task at Club Med. It's a great tool with a reactive and available team, perfectly adapted to all my needs."
Pierre CALVET - Head of SEO, Club Med
"Say goodbye to the usual challenges to access and monitor how Google crawls your site! Seolyzer easily integrates and allows you to visualize and analyze your sites logs activity for SEO purposes, in real time."
Aleyda SOLIS - International SEO Consultant, Speaker & Author


By crawling your site, search engine robots (like Googlebot, etc.) leave data in your server’s log files. Analyzing the contents of this file is a time-consuming and tedious task with traditional command-line tools. Log analysis with makes it possible to aggregate all this data and extract relevant SEO KPIs. Then appear easy-to-operate actions to improve your SEO : detecting and correcting errors (404, 500..), checking redirections, monitoring the speed of your web pages, directing search engines to crawl your strategic pages in priority… without handling a single server log file!

As SEOs, we are used to monitoring the health of a website via the Google Search Console: crawl volume, response time, errors (4XX, 5XX..). These signals are vital and yet they are provided with a minimum lag of three days by Google. When a problem occurs, the damage is already done: Googlebot had several days to crawl the site and record everything. In some cases the result can be disastrous (traffic drop), with an huge volume of work to correct the situation.

Thanks to log analysis, all your data is visible in real time: you can react immediately to a problem that impacts your SEO. There are many needs for real-time log analysis: monitoring of 400 and 500 errors, HTTP to HTTPS migration, production of 301 redirects, etc.

Are you able to analyze what type of pages are the most crawled on your site? Is this type of page, for which Google has a lot of interest, the one that allows you to generate sales or lead acquisition? On, you can segment your different types of pages at will, to get answers to these questions. Similarly, you can easily measure the impact of the efforts made on a particular category of pages. The categorization of pages is the key to a fine and useful log analysis.

Our crawler is not limited in number of URLs by design, we have already crawled sites of more than 50 million pages without any problem. Also, you have the possibility to share all the data of one or more projects thanks to our functionality of sharing between users.

You also have the option of combining the power of a Search Console data or log analysis. And among the data complementary to a classic crawler, you can find: cross-analysis of data, comparison of crawls, recurrence and programming of crawls, as well as the advantage of having an entirely SaaS solution, not requiring large amounts of RAM or disk space. Seolyzer handles all this part and more.

All of the data collected, as well as all of Seolyzer’s infrastructures are based in France. Our servers and our algorithms are equipped with the best security and data backup devices. We also comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): no personal data from the logs is stored.

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