Google “mobile first” index live watcher

The world of SEO has been held in suspense for months by Google regarding the effective implementation of the index “Mobile First”. In recent days the well-known Googlers have clearly announced the start of hostilities: the “Mobile First” index is currently being tested by Google on a small number of sites. So we wanted to follow this evolution in real time, day after day, following the recommendations of John Mueller as described in this video

This study is based on 500 different websites generating more than 1 000 000 pages crawled per day by Googlebots.

Update January 22, 2018: Google has decided to move up a gear regarding the use of its index Mobile First since January 12 exactly. This is still an update on a Friday, is it a coincidence? The mystery remains whole;). In any case Google’s mobile use of Googlebot has doubled overnight from 17% to 36% of all pages crawled by Google, even reaching a peak at 42% this 21st of January. What will happen on next Friday?

Updated January 1, 2018: Since the announcement of our international Googler Gary Illyes December 18, the use of the mobile robot by Google is stable. And for good reason, we had been warned that the update would be done with care, slowly and without snags. This is the case since everything is flat.

A site is considered to be in the “Mobile First” index when it is predominantly crawled by Googlebots identified as Googlebot Mobile , as opposed to Googlebots Desktop. The following graph is therefore very meaningful since the percentage of “Mobile First” sites is compared to non “Mobile First” sites.

Updated January 1, 2018: it seems that despite Google’s fanfare announcements, the tests are done on a very small scale. And for good reason, only about 10% of the sites are considered as present in the index “Mobile First”. In addition, this figure is certainly overestimated because some sites use AMP format pages. Indeed, this format is only crawled Googlebots mobile, which can artificially increase the share “Mobile”, and that the site is considered “Mobile first” while it is still on the classic index.

To be continued… : – )

Feel free to leave a comment if you have comments or if you want to see other stats.

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